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Krakout HD
Krakout HD is all about destroying blocks with a bat and a ball to score points. As the game mechanics are easy to learn but difficult to master Krakout is fun for beginners and experienced players alike. Krakout HD finally takes the classic game of the 90s to your iPhone, iPad and other Android devices!

Up to two players

  • Play as often as you like, alone or with another player
  • Join a friend in coop mode and simultaneously play on the same device
  • Compare your score with other players and make it to the top in the online highscores
  • Family-friendly, no violence, no ads

Advanced gameplay

  • Difficulty levels for beginners, advanced players and pros
  • For right- and left-handers
  • Practice your dexterity and reactions
  • Realistic ball physics and gravitation

All new graphics

  • Unlimited randomly generated levels guarantee long-lasting fun
  • Lots of new backgrounds
  • Enemies with special animations and new blocks create a completely new gaming experience
  • Countless cool items are ready to be used

Many improved details

  • Play on the left or right side with a blue or pink bat
  • As many balls as you can keep in play
  • Funny enemies that deflect your ball
  • Catchy and atmospheric retro C64 music
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